Laboratory Screening Machine

Laboratory Screening Machine

Laboratory Screening MachineThe Laboratory Screening Machines are used in all different types of industries to analyse dry powders and granular products for a broad range of applications. Particle size analysis can be performed from 2 microns to 10 mm.

GKM Siebtechnik’s lab product portfolio includes Laboratory Air Jet Sieves and Laboratory Analysis Sieves. The Laboratory Sieve has a three dimensional screening action with a vertical bias. This screening motion causes the feed material to be distributed evenly over the entire screen surface area and the vertical bias facilitates a quick separation of the material for particle size analysis. GKM Siebtechnik offers the Laboratory Screening Machine KTL with screen sizes of 200/300 and 400 mm where 8 -16 different size screens can be stacked at once on to the machine.

The Laboratory Air jet Sieve features a screening action that utilizes a rotating air-jet nozzle that intersperses the product and simultaneously vacuums the screen clean from the bottom. The negative pressure created from the vacuum cleaner draws the fine particles through the screen openings down into the filter bag of the vacuum cleaner. The integrated adjustment handle always allows for a quick and precise adjustment of the negative pressure. The unit shuts off automatically after the pre-set time has been reached. The weight of the residual product on the screen can now be measured. The advantage of this Laboratory Screening Machine is its ability to produce exact separation of materials. All commercially available Laboratory Screens with a diameter of 200 mm can be used.

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