Screening Machine

Screening Machine

Screening MachineScreening Machine is used for dry and wet screening to separate material according to required particle sizes. The characteristic of the feed material, the choice of the screening aperture and the Screening Machine’s action plays a crucial part in the processing of various kinds of material. The Screening Machine is utilized in a broad range of industries such as metal, mineral, agricultural, pharmaceutical, food and chemical, as well as plastics and reclamation.

GKM Siebtechnik is an internationally renowned screening specialist with over 30 years of experience in the screening process technology. As one of the leading experts, GKM sets global screening technology standards. Each Screening Machine requires one hundred individual precise, manufacturing steps which are manually performed by our highly experienced team.
The modular design of the Screening Machine allows for adaptation to individual customer requirements. We strive to develop optimal screening solutions by close consultation with our customers. Each Screening Machine is individually and rigorously checked for quality before leaving our factory. The machine is supplied ready to operate and calibrated for each product. Durability, ease of maintenance, versatility and reliability are hallmarks of our Screening Machines.

GKM Siebtechnik’s product portfolio:

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