Tumbler Screener

Tumbler Screener

Tumbler ScreenerThe Tumbler Screener is used for precise control screening, separating and dedusting of bulk solids. This Tumbler Screener is particularly suited for high feed rates and multi-deck separations of fine, lightweight and difficult to screen products.

The Tumbler Screener moves the material into the center of the top screen, from where it spreads out evenly and continuously to the outside across the entire screening surface. The finer particles fall through the screen near the center, whereas the coarser particles move progressively towards the outer side of the screen. The material is moved in a spiral pattern with increasing acceleration of the particles the further away they are from the center. The result is that even near size particles are screened.

The continuous operation of this Tumbler Screener is guaranteed even when sieving fine products by the availability of a broad range of highly effective screen anti-blinding devices (e.g., Ball Tray, Rotating Plastic Roller Brush Arms, Rotating Air-Jet Nozzle Arms or Ultrasonic transducers).

GKM Siebtechnik offers Tumbler Screeners in sizes from KTS 600 to KTS 2600. The modular design and automatic centering of the screening inserts facilitate up to 7 simultaneous cuts from each machine.

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